Removing a Print Job from the Print Manager Plus Database

Here at Chemistry we recently started using a printing charge-back solution called Print Manager Plus. My coworker’s blogs will soon have info on how to setup and optimize PMP, but we ran into an interesting snag that wasn’t caught during testing.

Say someone prints to your poster printer, but the print doesn’t actually come out because the RIP software is stuck or there’s a printer error on the device itself. The user needs the print right away, so they try printing 2-10 more times. Each time they’re charged the full price of the poster so they request that you remove the charges before the billing is compiled. It turns out that the PMP UI doesn’t allow deletion or removal of specific print jobs.

Software Shelf, the creators of PMP, offered me a product called Web Advantage that provides this functionality (in addition to all sorts of other cool features), but we were already over budget on this project. Fortunately, the guys at Software Shelf have designed their database in such a way that manually editing the DB in SQL Server Management Studio is simple and safe (according to their lead developer).

The Process

  1. Open SQL Management Studio and connect to the PMP database.
  2. Create a new SQL View with necessary modifications to this code:
    SELECT TOP (100000000) JobLogID, JobSize, PrintServer, PrinterName, UserName, AppliedGroup_OU, TimeSubmitted, Width, Height, JobCost, PMPJobState
    FROM         dbo.JobLog
    WHERE     (PrintServer = '\\PrintServerName')
  3. Right click the new view and hit, “Edit top ### rows”.
  4. Find the job you’re looking for, then change the “PMPJobState” value to zero (0).
  5. Re-run the report and confirm that the job is missing.

Cool, huh?


Printer CNAMEs broken again!


When connecting to a printer on print server names through the cname, I’d get “Operation could not be completed.” When connecting to the printer through the FQDN specified by the A record ( things worked fine.


On the server, run the following command:
netdom computername printeres01 /add


Print Server CNames Broken! Server 2008 R2 DC

Yesterday morning I got the call, “the printers are down!”. Bad news — printing and file sharing are the two biggest customer interactions we have. Turns out the print server would process connections fine to it’s actual hostname, but not to it’s cname. This was directly after installing Server 2008 R2 SP1. I googled around, and found this guy with the -exact- same story. Rejoining my servers to the domain worked like a charm.