Configuring HP IMC SSH to Switches

I wanted to get our switch configs backed up into HP IMC. Here’s how to enable SSH on the IMC server so that it can contact switches.

By the way, here’s the manual.
HP Intelligent Management Center Base Platform Administrator Guide

  1. Login to IMC and choose System -> Resource Management -> SSH Template List
  2. Click the ‘Modify’ icon in near the right of the row on the ‘default’ template. Alternatively, you can create a new template.
  3. Add your username\password\port info into the template then save.
  4. Navigate to System -> System Configuration -> System Settings.
  5. Scroll down and find ‘External Tool Settings’.
  6. Download plink.exe and psftp.exe from the putty download site, and place them into c:\Program Files\iMC\ on the IMC server itself.
  7. Make sure the following fields are populated with the following info:
    SFTP Client:
    c:\Program Files\iMC\plink.exe
    SSH Client
    c:\Program Files\iMC\psftp.exe
  8. Navigate to Resource -> Batch Operation -> SSH Configuration.
  9. Add devices you want to access, then add the SSH information.

That’s it! Everything should work