SCCM 2012 OSD Driver Management – Advanced Tips

I’ve got a few tips for working with OSD drivers in SCCM. Here we go:

Finding the Model Name in WinPE

In task sequence actions, I use a WMI filter to target my ‘Apply Driver Package’ actions. Sometimes the target device is new and doesn’t have an OS yet. Since WinPE doesn’t run powershell, I can’t use my regular command to find the model.

Instead, try this. It’ll return the model.

wmic computersystem get model

Testing the Driver Package for Completion

Sure, you can wait until the OS is fully deployed, then run control panel -> system -> device manager, etc. You can also do this _during_ the task sequence :).

Anytime after the step named ‘Setup Windows and ConfigMgr’, press F8 to launch the command prompt, and then run the following command.

mmc devmgmt.msc

Driver Source Folder Organization

When importing new drivers, there’s a couple things to keep in mind.

  1. Keep your drivers organized. Create subfolders for the driver classes (model\net, model\sata, model\audio, model\graphics, etc.).
  2. Don’t put .exe files or .zip files in the driver source folders.
  3. If you extract an .exe or .zip file into the driver source folder, and the extracted contents don’t contain .inf files (autorun.inf doesn’t count), then delete that driver and try to work without it. Only drivers with .inf files are imported. If your driver doesn’t have any .inf files, you’ll need to treat it like you would an application or package.

SCCM Vendor Plugins

Look into the Dell DCIP and Lenovo Thin Installer. They can automate a lot of the driver\bios work.

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