[SCCM 2012] Task Sequence Hangs on Install Package During OSD (part 2)

So, in my previous post on the issue, I described a complicated series of hotfixes and WMI rebuild scripts which fix this serious issue. After a whole lot of trial and error, I recently found an easier workaround.

The Problem

Task sequences hang indefinitely on the ‘Install Package’ task sequence action.

The Solution

  1. In the ‘Apply Network Settings’ action, join a workgroup instead of a domain.
  2. Add a ‘Join Domain’ action later in the task sequence, but before any ‘Install Software Updates’ actions.

I have no idea why this works :(. However, it really does seem to work for me at least. Yay!




5 thoughts on “[SCCM 2012] Task Sequence Hangs on Install Package During OSD (part 2)

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  3. Thank you so much. This allowed packages to install for me! However, to have applications install as well I added “SMSMP=sccm2012.domain.com DNSSUFFIX=domain.com” to the Setup Windows and ConfigMgr step. Now my packages and applications install. I really wish I knew why it just stopped working one day.

  4. Thank you for the great BLOG.

    I have been experiencing a strange OSD failure on some of my Dell Optiplex 755 systems. The initial boot of WinPE hangs on the ZTI script right after the bitlocker check which the log shows has completed. There is no other information on why it fails. Is this something you have encountered working with older Dell systems?

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