SCCM Client Install VBS Script (Advanced)

My coworker and I put this script together after a lot of labor. It’s a heavily modified version of the original made by Jason Sandy found here.


New Features

  • For Windows XP and 2003 machines, the certificate auto-enrollment legacy hotfix (KB968730) can now be installed by the script. New options are defined in the xml file for the legacy hotfix.
  • Input arguments are more flexible.
  • Logs can be copied to a central share.
  • Additional SCCM client arguments can now be specified in the XML.
  • CU’s now scan and install properly according to architecture.

What does it do?

  • The script will:
    • Install the SCCM 2012 client.
    • Maintain the health of the SCCM client.
    • Install Client and necessary Legacy OS hotfixes if the client is outdated.
  • This script does not fix WMI problems at this time. That’s a feature we’re still working on.

XML Options

See the github readme for additional options available in this version of the script.



2 thoughts on “SCCM Client Install VBS Script (Advanced)

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  2. Hey there,

    first of all thnx for the script. I have 1 small issue with it tho .. the property “OSArchitecture” is not supported on XP and 2003 it seems so I am getting some error messages running the script on these machines.

    If(Left(sVer,3)) = “5.2” Then ‘2003 or xp(x64)
    oArch = oOS.OSArchitecture
    ‘Wscript.Echo “The Architecture of the proc is sArch” &
    Select Case oArch
    Case “32-bit”
    OSArch = 32
    OSVer = “2003”
    Case “64-bit”
    OSArch = 64
    if Left(OSNAME, 10) = “Windows XP” Then
    OSVer = “xp”
    OSVer = “2003”
    End If
    End Select

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