Samsung 700T Slate PC BIOS Updates with SCCM

Hey there friendly folk! We got a bunch of Samsung 700T slate PC’s in, and I wanted to push BIOS updates in my SCCM task sequence. Here’s how it’s done!

The Steps

  1. Download the BiosUpdate.exe utility from the Samsung Support Site.
  2. Run the utility on your slate and let it download the latest bios file. At the time of this post, the current filename was “ITEM_20120620_556_WIN_10FW.exe”.
  3. Please the BIOS file in your preferred package directory.
  4. In SCCM, create a ‘run command line’ action with the following settings. Change the BIOS version in the WMI query as needed.
    Command Line:

    ITEM_20120620_556_WIN_10FW.exe /UNATTENDED

    WMI Query:

    If all the conditions are true:
    select * from win32_computersystem where Model like "700t%"
    select * from WIN32_BIOS where SMBIOSBIOSVersion < "10FW"

    Package: <Your Samsung BIOS Updates Package>

I haven’t yet figured out how to push specific bios settings or a BIOS password unfortunately. If you crack that nut, please leave a comment or send me a link to your blog post!

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