WebDAV Registry Fixes for Windows 7

I’ve been working with WebDav for the first time, and came across gotchas and misinformation. Here we go!

Issue 1 – Max File Size

The Windows 7 WebDAV client defaults to only allowing transfers of files less than 50 MB.  Here’s the code needed in a .reg file to set the limit to 4 GB (the unfortunate maximum).

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


Issue 2 – Authentication Problems

A lot of people are suggesting that you enable Basic Authentication to get around authentication failures using this registry key:


This will probably make things work, but it’s usually a bad idea because enabling Basic Authentication will cause usernames and passwords to be sent in clear text. The real problem is that your server either doesn’t support SSL (TLS), or it’s implemented incorrectly. If your webdav server’s web server certificate is self-signed, make sure that it passes validation checks (CDP and AIA locations, etc). Also, make sure that you’re trying to connect to the FQDN of the server and not the NetBIOS name.

That’s it! Good luck out there.


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