SCCM – Imaging a Dell Optiplex GX620 with XP

It turns out that Dell Optiplex GX620’s are a bit of a pain to image with XP.


  • First, get all of your necessary drivers from the dell download page. Make sure you’ve got XP selected! Here are the drivers I needed:
  • Dell CCTK 2.1
  • R132539 – Intel Chipset Driver for GX620. Keep this driver separate — we need to turn it into a software package without importing it as a driver.


  • Generate BIOS Files
  • Modify NIC Driver
  • Create a Working Task Sequence

The Process

Generate BIOS Files

The first problem we need to overcome is that the Optiplex GX620 will -not- image if the CD drive is enabled in the BIOS. It’s due to some bug in the driver. Crazy! If you don’t disable the CD drive, XP will bluescreen on boot until the Intel Chipset driver is installed. How did I figure this out  you ask? Pain.

  1. Configure the GX620 BIOS the way you want it. Use the best SATA option available. From best to worst, the order is: RAID ON, AHCI, Optimized, or Normal. You should not use legacy.
  2. Boot the GX620 into a usable operating system (if this is no longer an option, you might be SOL — sorry).
  3. Install the Dell CCTK utility and capture the settings ‘from this machine’.
  4. Save two files — one with the CD drive enabled, and one without the CD drive enabled. Call these DellOptiGX620-CD.cctk and DellOptiGX620-NoCD.cctk.
    NOTE: I always uncheck ‘enabled’ next to SATA-0 through SATA-4 so that the cctk file does not contain instructions for the BIOS to enable or disable the SATA ports. Otherwise, the BIOS may force the ports to be enabled despite having no devices attached, which will cause an error on boot.
  5. Place these files in a package per the instructions here: Dell BIOS Settings with SCCM.

Modify NIC Driver

The NIC driver from Dell’s site doesn’t work when imported because of a bad reference in the .inf. The task sequence will crash once you get out of the WinPE phase because the system won’t be able to reach the SCCM server. Here’s the procedure to correct the issue.

  1. Extract the driver (R97582) to C:\Temp\GX620Nic
  2. Copy the file .\Win2K\v8.22.1\b57w2k.sys to .\WinXP\v8.22.1
  3. Place this file in your GX620 driver source directory on your sccm source share

You’re now ready to import the drivers! Go ahead and do this.

Create a Working Task Sequence

There are a couple challenges here too. Here are the basics:

  1. Disable the CD Drive
  2. Pick the correct mass storage driver
  3. Install the OS and use the original media since it requires an old HAL
  4. Apply a driver package
  5. Install the Intel Chipset Driver as a package
  6. Enable the CD Drive

Here are the TS actions; I’ll leave it up to you to do the actual implementation.

Disable the CD Drive

Use the following instructions to push the No-CD cctk file that you created: Dell BIOS Settings with SCCM. The WMI Query to target your TS will be the following:

select * from Win32_computersystem where Model like "Optiplex GX620%"

Pick the Correct Mass Storage Driver

You actually don’t need one. I put this section in so that people wouldn’t try for a while and get confused.

Install the OS using the original media or an image with an old HAL

If you ran a Build and Capture XP Task Sequence in VMWare, the resulting image will be incompatible with the GX620 and will bluescreen. I got around this by duplicating the Apply OS task sequence action, setting one of them to use the XP OS Installer instead of the XP Image, and scoping them with WMI queries. This isn’t awesome if you have a pretty customized image (again; thin images are best).

Apply a driver package

You’ll need to make a driver package with the Dell files above in the ‘Downloads’ section, copy them to a source folder, and import them. This is the same as for any other workstation model.

Install the Intel Chipset Driver as a Package

You’ll need to create a non-driver package (a regular package, as in like Acrobat Reader) for the Intel Chipset driver and install it or the system will lock up as soon as you enable the CD drive.

  1. Extract the contents of R132539 to a new folder in your SCCM server’s source folder.
  2. Create a new package, and a program. The command line to install is “setup.exe /s”. Not bad!
  3. Create an Install Package action and scope it with WMI queries to the GX620.

Enable the CD Drive

Same as ‘Disable the CD Drive’, but with the alternate cctk file.

That’s It!

Don’t forget that you can update the BIOS in the task sequence also. See these instructions: Updating Optiplex BIOS with SCCM.

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