SCCM Task Sequence – Moving the Progress Window

Doesn’t that progress window get annoying when you’re trying to use vbscript to prompt for user information during OSD? I know! It keeps me up at night! We’re going to write an AutoIt script to move that sucka’.


The Script

;Move-InstallationProgess.au3 by John Puskar
WinMove("Installation Progress", "", 0, 0)

Do you like how I put a personal reference in there for 1 simple line of code? Oh the vanity!

Putting things Together

  1. Save the script source above as C:\temp\Move-InstallationProgress.au3
  2. Download and install AutoIt
  3. Right-click the script and choose “Compile (x64)”.
  4. Create a new sccm package named “Scripts – Move TS Progress Window”, and copy Move-InstallationProgress.exe to the package source directory.
  5. In your task sequence, create a new “Run Command-Line Action” with the following parameters.
    Name: Move Progress Window
    Command: move-installationprogress.exe
    Package: Scripts - Move TS Progress Window

Grats on a Good Day.


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