SCCM Package – SMART Product Drivers

We have a couple of Sympodium devices. These are pen-enabled monitors for teaching classes. Here’s how to package up the drivers and tools.


General Info

SMART supplies msi (Microsoft Installer) files. These don’t work well out of the box, so SMART provides the “SMART Install Manager” for msi customization. The install manager creates a mst (Microsoft Installer Transform) file.


  1. Download SMART Install Manager, Service pack for SMART Product Drivers 10.8, and the SMART Education Software Installer from the above link.
  2. Copy the file “smartproductdrivers10_8sp1admin.msp” from the service pack download to C:\temp\smartinstaller.
  3. Extract the contents of to C:\temp\smartinstaller.
  4. Install and run the SMART Install Manager.
  5. When prompted, choose “Specify a package to modify”.
  6. Select the msi file at C:\temp\smartinstaller\SMART Education Software 2011.msi”.
  7. After selecting the file, options will appear on the left pane. Follow through the options until you’ve adequately customized the install.
  8. When you’re happy with the settings, choose File -> Publish and save the file as C:\temp\smartinstaller\custom_install.xml.
  9. If desired, you can remove all MST files except the one for your language (English is 1033.mst) from the C:\temp\smartinstaller directory.
  10. Create a batch file named “Install-SmartDrivers.cmd” with the following contents and place it in C:\temp\smartinstaller.
    ECHO Installing SMART Products Sympodium Drivers
    ECHO Do not close this window. It will close when the install is finished.
    msiexec.exe /i "SMART Education Software 2011.msi" TRANSFORMS=custom_install.mst /qb
    msiexec.exe /p smartproductdrivers10_8sp1admin.msp /qb
  11. Assemble the files into a single source folder then create a SCCM package and program. The program’s command line action should be “install-SmartDrivers.cmd”. The following is a screen shot of my final source folder.



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