SCCM Package – Secunia PSI

Installing Secunia is really easy as it obeys the simple /S switch.


General Info

The Secunia PSI executable obeys the /S switch both when downloaded from the Secunia website, and when downloaded from the CSI console. The executable downloaded from CSI console will have a different name.


  1. Download the Secunia PSI installer and copy the executable to C:\temp\SecuniaPSI.
  2. Create a batch file named “install-psi.cmd” with the following contents:
    ECHO Installing Secunia PSI
    ECHO Do not close this window. It will close when the install is finished.
    REM Main Install
    PSISetup!psichem0.exe /S
  3. Assemble the files into a single source folder then create a SCCM package and program. The program’s command line action should be “install-psi.cmd”. The following is a screen shot of my final source folder.

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