SCCM Package – HyperChem 8

I’m making a series of posts describing the package creation process for the applications my current lab image. This post is about HyperChem 8.

General Info:

This program licenses itself through a custom-built exe file provided by HyperCube support. This exe file is restricted to the “subnet” license purchased.  Also, the program’s installer does not support a silent option. Fortunately, if the program is installed manually, the program directory may be zipped and moved to another machine -if- the program’s registry keys are also moved. Another important note: if your users will not have administrative rights, it’s necessary to provide them with write access to the HyperChem temp directory “C:\Hyper80\Temp”. Xcacls.vbs is used below to do this.



  1. Install HyperChem manually to C:\Hyper80.
  2. Replace C:\Hyper80\bin\chem.exe with the custom licensed executable from HyperCube support.
  3. Use WinRAR to create an SFX file named “Install_Hyperchem8.exe” with the contents of C:\Hyper80. Use the following parameters:
    Path to Extract — C:\Hyper80
    Silent mode – hide start dialog
    Update – overwrite existing files
  4. The final SFX should look similar to this screenshot:
  5. Create a script named “Make-Shortcuts_Hyperchem.ps1″ that creates the Casa XPS shortcuts. For help creating a shortcut script see my previous blog post “Creating Shortcuts for SCCM Packages“.
    Use the following parameters:
    Target Path: “C:\Hyper80\Program\chem.exe”
    Shortcut Name: “HyperChem 8.lnk”
  6. Download xcacls.vbs from the Microsoft site above and place it in your package source directory.
  7. Run the following command to export the HyperChem registry information:
    reg export "HKLM\Software\Wow6432Node\Hypercube"  HyperchemRegSettings.reg
  8. Copy HyperchemRegSettings.reg to your package source directory.
  9. Create a batch file named “Install-Hyperchem.cmd” with the following contents:
    REM Main Install
    REM License
    REGEDIT /S HyperchemRegSettings.reg
    REM Create Shortcuts
    powershell -noprofile -command "& {$a = get-executionpolicy;If((get-executionpolicy) -ne 'Unrestricted'){set-executionpolicy unrestricted -force;}; .\Make-Shortcuts_Hyperchem.ps1; set-executionpolicy $a}"
    REM Misc Fixes
    cscript xcacls.vbs C:\Hyper80\Temp /E /G Users:F
    REM Associations
    assoc .hin=HyperChemDocument
    ftype HyperChemDocument="C:\Hyper80\Program\chem.exe" "%%1"
  10. Assemble the files into a single source folder then create a SCCM package and program. The program’s command line action should be “install-hyperchem.cmd”. The following is a screen shot of my final source folder.

There’s money in the banana stand.


3 thoughts on “SCCM Package – HyperChem 8

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  2. You can use setup.exe /r from the command prompt to record an answer file for the HyperChem installation, but you need to run it from the \install\Hyper80 folder. Then use setup.exe /s /sms /f1[path]setup.iss to install it silently. (Copy setup.iss from c:\windows after the recorded installation has completed.) I let POVRay install, but I cancel out of the C++ install since it is part of my base wim. I don’t know if it is necessary, but I rename vcredist_x86.exe just in case the installer still wants to run it. In SCCM, I create a package, but use a task sequence to install HyperChem, delete the unlicensed exe, copy the real exe, and delete the POVRay desktop icons.

  3. Hey. I followed your directions and had it working fine, but then with windows 8 coming out, we have moved to UAC enabled. Now the app fails with an error accessing the OLE registry. Ideas?

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