SCCM 2007 – Pushing Adobe Updates

Pushing Adobe Updates is where the magic happens! Adobe has really done it’s job to make this easy (well done).


  1. Download the adobe catalog in SCUP
  2. Publish the updates in SCUP.
  3. Synchronize the WSUS catalog
  4. Create a Search Folder
  5. Deploy the updates as normal.

The Process

Download the Adobe Catalogs

  1. Open System Center Updates Publisher and click “Catalogs” in the bottom left.
  2.  Next, on the Catalogs screen click “Add Catalogs”.
  3. On the ‘Select catalogs from the Partner Catalogs list” screen highlight all of the Adobe catalogs and click “Add >”.
  4. The catalogs should jump to the right screen Then, click ‘OK’.
  5. Next, on the Catalogs screen click “Import”.
  6. On the ‘Import Type’ screen choose all of the Adobe catalogs then click “Next”.
  7. On the ‘Summary’ screen click “Next.
  8. On the ‘Progress’ screen, wait for the catalogs to download.
  9. On the ‘Confirmation’ screen click “Close”.
  10.  The “Updates” screen should now contain “Adobe Systems” folders (no action required).
  11. Next, select the ‘All Software Updates’ folder, then highlight all of the software updates available, then click “Assign”.
  12. Name the new publication “Adobe Updates – <date>”. Example: “Adobe Updates – 01/28/12”.
  13. Select the “Publications” button to switch to the Publications screen, then click the new Adobe publication then click “Publish”.
  14. On the ‘Publish Options’ screen, check the ‘Sign all software updates’ box, then click “Next”.
  15. On the ‘Summary’ screen, click “Next”.
  16. It’s normal for the ‘Progress’ screen to take some time to complete (no action required).
  17. On the ‘Confirmation’ screen click “Close”.
  18. Now, in ConfigMgr Console, Navigate to Site Database -> Computer Management -> Software Updates -> Update Repository. Right-click “Update Repository” and choose “Run Synchronization”.
  19. Wait a few minutes for the synchronization to complete. Next, right-click “Search Folders” and choose “New Search Folder”.
  20.  Use the following criteria. When finished, click “OK”.
    Name: Active Adobe Updates
    Vendor: Adobe Systems Inc. and Adobe Systems, Inc.
    Expired: No
    Superceeded: No
    Search all folders under this feature: Yes (Checked).
  21. You can now add these to an update list and deploy them! Enjoy!

I hope this helps you out! Thanks for reading.


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