ESXi 4.0 Standalone to 4.1

It’s update time! I updated my ESXi Enterprise Plus hosts with vCenter painlessly, but we have a single standalone ESXi host. So, time to fire up the vSphere host update utility and quickly update, right? Sorry buddy, that doesn’t work anymore: Cannot patch or upgrade ESX 4.0 hosts with vSphere Host Update Utility. The KB basically said that the host update utility was made to help people from 3.5 to 4.0, and that it doesn’t do much for 4.0 users. I swear I used it to patch my host to 4.0 U1, but maybe I’m crazy.

In any case, the new VMWare blessed upgrade process is relatively painless.


  1. Download the “ESXi 4.1 Update 1 (upgrade ZIP from ESXi 4.0)” from the VMWare support site.
  2. Download the installer for “VMWare vCenter CLI“. Note: this is different than PowerCLI.
  3. Install VMWare vCenter CLI
  4. Run VMWare CLI, then the following commands:
    cd bin --server <servername or IP> --install --bundle <pathToZIPfile>
  5. Enter your username\pass, then reboot when asked.
Good luck!

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