ePO 4.5 with IE9

Just a quick note: I upgraded my ePO server to Server 2008 R2 SP1 today with IE9, and I should have known better. Once the updates were installed, I ran ePO and got this: “The browser you are using is not currently supported.” Great.

After an appropriate period of freaking out and googling, I noticed the last post on this page: ePO 4.6 with Firefox 4.0“While IE9.0 is not officially supported it can be run in compatibility mode.” Doh! Why didn’t I try that! Clicking the little “Compatibility Mode” button did the trick! Sweet deal.


5 thoughts on “ePO 4.5 with IE9

  1. Now try selecting a filter in a report. Or any other drop down that is on a button. Combo box, yes, drop down on button, not so much. Or is it just me?

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