Installing Brownian Overviewer for Minecraft

Overviewer is sweet; here’s a screenshot:

This post will cover how to quickly get your overviewer working locally; it will not cover setting up IIS so that it will work over the internet.  For that, you’ll have to wait :).


  • Download the latest windows binary of Brownan Overviewer from the gethub page.
  • Extract the download into a folder.

The Process

  • Getting this to work locally is very simple; overviewer is just an executable which reads a specified world folder and exports a website that’s ready-to-go.
  • NOTE: The first run will take a long time, but once the cache is created subsequent runs will be a lot faster.
  • Create a batch file with the following code (modify paths as necessary)
    gmap.exe --cachedir="<PathToCacheDir>" "<PathToWorldDir>" "<OutputPath>"
  • Then, use Task Scheduler to run this batch file at a regular interval.


  • If you get the following error, you need to install DotNet Framework:
    The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect. Please see the application log for more details.

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