OpsMgr 2007 vCenter Management Pack b253

Hey all. I’ve updated my homebrew vCenter management pack. It’s quite beastly, and has the following features:

  • Diagrams your datacenters, clusters, hosts, and datastores.
  • Pulls a bunch host performance data.
  • Receives syslog events from the hosts (if set-up).
  • Pulls vCenter events.

I’m using this to track down some performance issues and warnings on my vCenter cluster. Getting this to work in your environment will be difficult, so please leave comments if you have a problem. I’ll answer as best I can. Future versions will generate alerts on discovery of misconfiguration. For now, check your vcenter server and opsmgr server ‘Operations Manager’ event logs. But, to get started check out the instructions on my previous post here: Operations Manager 2007 vCenter Management Pack (pre-alpha) .

Download: JPPacks.VMWare.vCenter (b253)


5 thoughts on “OpsMgr 2007 vCenter Management Pack b253

  1. Hello Windowsmasher,


    I downloaded your Managament Pack for VmWare, and liked very much, congratulations on the job. 😉

    You continued to develop it?

    I noticed that he does not have the Monitors, I found all my objects:


    All right so, but all with Status Not Monitored, why is there not the monitors.

    Do you have any idea to monitor them?

    Thank you for your attention.

    Lucas Piris

    • Hey Lucas,
      I actually haven’t touched this since I posted it. I’ll be revamping the OpsMgr infrastructure at OSU Chemistry next academic quarter and will revisit it then. If you make any monitors, let me know! Thanks; John.

  2. Hello John,

    Already a thank you note.

    Then I saw that your management is the collection of events from vCenter for SCOM, it has very interesting, but not yet found a way to create conditions so that depending on the type of event it generates an alert, as far as I know think it is not possible, but I’m working to find a solution, the monitors would be interesting to monitor the cluster hosts, CPU, Memory, Up and Down.

    If you already have some idea of at least one monitor, designed so you can continue to be interesting, if I can continue in the other monitors I will transmit it and you put on the blog, what do you think?

    So we help more people like us need a free monitoring solution for VMware SCOM.

    Thanks for your attention.

    Lucas Piris

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