OpsMgr 2007 MP Authoring – Quick Notes

I’ve been working hard on a vCenter Management Pack for OpsMgr 2007. It’s something I’ve been doing in my spare time, and that might help me track down a recurring warning message. In any case, here are some quick notes from my first foray into Management Pack Land.


  • When discovering an instance of hosted class, you have to add any key elements of the instance’s host to the discovery data or opsmgr will give you an error.
  • It is unnecessary to ‘discover’ hosted relationships, they’re implied. You do, however, have to discover containment or reference relationships.
  • If your discovery is targeting the abstract class Dogs, but you’re actually discovering an instance of class Dog.Foot, where Foot is hosted by Dog (that’s three classes), then you might run into this error: “Unable to resolve the monitoring class property name specified in the discovery data item. Try using a fully qualified name.”. More on this in the next blog post.

OpsMgr Scripting in General

  • OpsMgr won’t usually throw an error in the event log if you’re discovery script looks like it works but is throwing exceptions. Best to run it by hand first, to make sure everything’s legit.

As usual, for some unregulated notes, check out my Chemistry Wiki page.


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