Windows 7, Folder Redirection, and Redundant Folders

Another ongoing Windows 7 migration issue: I deployed a new test workstation, logged in with a brand new test user, clicked the username in the start menu, and explorer showed me this:

  • Contacts (redirected)
  • Desktop (local)
  • My Desktop (redirected)
  • Documents (local)
  • My Documents (redirected)
  • Downloads (local)
  • Favorites (local)
  • Links (local)
  • Music (local)
  • My Music (redirected)
  • My Pictures (redirected)
  • My Videos (redirected)
  • Pictures (local)
  • Saved Games (redirected)
  • Searches (redirected)
  • Videos
  • <username>$ (redirected; the user’s share)

Redundant much? Turns out that about haf of these folders were created on first login by the “Default User” profile in C:\Users. I removed all the folders from “Default User” and the next test user was clean. I hope that saves someone some time :).


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