Installing the Hey0 Minecraft Server Mod as a Windows Service

Update 4 – Refer to the new post for CraftBukkit

Update 3! Look here for the new Hey0 update that works with B_1.30. Note, I haven’t tested this personally!

Minecraft Hey0 Update – Works with B1.3

UPDATE 2! Look here for the new Hey0 update that works with B_1.20.

Minecraft Hey0 Update — Works with b1.2_01

UPDATE! Hey0’s mod is dead. Long live bukkit, which isn’t released yet. 😦 sadface.

I’ll update this post with bukkit instructions as soon as it congeals a bit.

Minecraft is sweet, but it’s sweeter with mods!



To install Hey0:

  • Download the ‘latest build’ of the Hey0 mod here: hMod Server mod
  • Download the ‘latest build’ of the Minecraft Server itself here: Minecraft Server
  • Construct your minecraft server directory as follows:
    • .\Minecraft_Server\<hey0 extracted files and folders>
    • .\Minecraft_Server\Bin\minecraft_server.jar
    • .\Minecraft_Server\Bin\world
  • Add yourself to the ‘ops.txt’ file in .\bin
  • If you’re in x64, edit .\bin\server_nogui_x64.bat, and change “program files (x86)” to “program files”.
  • Now, run server_nogui_x64.bat to see if everything works.

At this point, you should have the following commands available in-game.

  • /help and /help 2 will show you these commands also.
  • /playerlist – lists current players
  • /home – teleports you home
  • /sethome – sets your new home point
  • /warp – warps you to a preset warp location
  • /kit – gives a ‘kit’ or preselected list of items
  • /me – sends a chat message in 3rd person like /emote in wow.
  • /msg – whispers someone
  • /spawn – teleports you to ‘spawn’, whatever that means
  • /motd – displays MOTD
  • /compass – gives you a directional

In addition, you can now run any minecraft console command by prefacing it with a /#. For example, /#kick <player>. For a full list of MineCraft console commands, look here: Server Commands.

Users and Groups

Now, lets make an admins group! This will give yourself full access to all of the hey0 commands listed here: Hey0 Commands.

  1. Open .\bin\groups.txt, and add the following line. If the line’s already there, comment it out with a #. To make the squiggly S, use Alt+21 (21 must be typed with your numeric keypad).
    • Admins:c[admin] §f:*::2
  2. This created an ‘admins’ group. For syntax, look here: Flatfile Configuration

OK, now to add members to the group.

  1. Open .\bin\users.txt, and add the following line.
    • <username>:admins
  2. Done!

Running as a Service

This can be run as a service!

First, you want your directory structure to look like this:

  • .\Program Files\Minecraft_Server\<hey0 files>
  • .\Program Files\Minecraft_Server\bin\Minecraft_Server.jar
  • .\Program Files\Minecraft_Server\bin\world\<worldfiles>
  • .\Program Files\Minecraft_Server\yajsw\<yajso extracted files>

Next, follow my previous blog post called “How To Install A Minecraft Server” but make the following changes:

  • Skip the parts that are already done.
  • Use the file ‘Minecraft_Mod.jar’ instead of “Minecraft_Server.jar”
  • Working directory should be the .\minecraft_server\bin instead of just .\minecraft_server

It’s really hard to get the wrapper.conf right. Here’s a dump of the settings I use.
wrapper.working.dir=C:\\Program Files\\Minecraft_server\\bin
wrapper.ntservice.displayname=Minecraft Server - 25566
wrapper.ntservice.description=Minecraft Server with Hey0 Mod.
wrapper.daemon.run_level_dir=${if (new File('\/etc\/rc0.d').exists()) return '\/etc\/rcX.d' else return '\/etc\/init.d\/rcX.d'}
wrapper.tray = true
wrapper.tray.port = 15002
placeHolderSoGenPropsComeHere= = C:\\Program Files\\minecraft_server\\bin\\Minecraft_Mod.jar = C:\\Program Files\\Java\\jre6\\bin\\javaw.exe = C:\\Program Files\\minecraft_server\\bin\\Minecraft_Mod.jar

Good to go!


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